"The Kelly File Special: The VA Scandal" took an in-depth look into the shocking allegations surrounding the Department of Veterans Affairs.

'Kelly File': Obama Admin Has Already Ignored 3 IG Reports on VA Problems

Among the many accusations is the charge that over 40 veterans died while waiting for care at the Phoenix VA Medical Center. Whistleblowers also allege that veterans were placed on “secret waiting lists” and that some vets’ medical records were destroyed to eliminate requests for exams.

The White House continues to stand by VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, despite calls for his resignation. Watch the clip above to see Megyn Kelly present a timeline of the scandal.

Then, veteran and Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth engaged in a heated debate with Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman. Megyn asked what the scandal says about the VA system, ObamaCare and big government. 

Hegseth said, “This scandal shows us that the VA is an infected system. Inherently, a system that is inefficient, doesn’t deliver timely care to veterans because it is government-run, top-down, single-payer health care.”

He compared it to what ObamaCare will look like – less choice, higher costs, more bureaucracy and paperwork, and delays.

Zimmerman shot back at Republicans for bringing the IRS targeting scandal and Benghazi into the conversation.  

According to recently released emails, the Obama transition team was notified of problems at the VA in 2008. Megyn Kelly asked Zimmerman if President Obama put partisan politics aside back then.

“Absolutely not,” Zimmerman responded. “He campaigned as president, made this one of his platform issues as has President Bush before him and every individual.”

Kelly said, “When it’s a political football for Republicans, the president thought it was fair game to play ball with it. Now, it’s a different story.”

Hegseth said the Obama administration threw more money at the problem instead of addressing the systemic issues of bureaucracy, to which Zimmerman charged, “What we’re witnessing here is not a bipartisan approach … but partisan filth.”

Watch the fiery segment below, and catch the full special when it re-airs on Sunday at 9p/12a ET on Fox News Channel.

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