In the opening of The Kelly File, Megyn took us through the Obama administration's mishandling of problems within the VA going back to 2008. After the president said he would await an Inspector General's report before fully weighing in on possible abuses within the VA, we're learning that three IG reports and an audit have already been completed.

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"We now know that this president or his top advisers have known about these very problems for a very long time and did shamefully little to make sure they were resolved," Kelly explained.

"This isn't about another IG report. We've already had three, as it turns out. Three. All ignored. It isn't about another audit. We've already had one of those too. It isn't about confirming the existence of these problems. They have all been well documented for years. There's precious little new in the scandal that the administration seems so baffled by this month. What we haven't had is accountability and follow-through."

In the clip above, watch as Kelly lays out the warnings that were ignored for years, one day after Obama maintained he has just heard about these issues over the past few weeks.

Kelly was then joined by Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL), chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, who explained that VA workers have found a way to game the system, meeting with veterans within two weeks but not giving them the necessary care.

"They have set unrealistic goals, goals that people have unfortunately found to game around the system, and we're finding some of the most ingenious ways you could have ever imagined, where staff has found ways to hit that 14-day goal so that they can look good, not only up to division, but to the regional office and the central office in Washington as well," said Miller, who doesn't believe the departure of VA Secretary Shinseki is the answer.

"Taking the head of the agency and removing him may be a one-day story, but you still are going to have veterans out there not receiving the health care that they have earned."

Meantime, Senate Democrats rejected a bill on the VA that passed the House with broad support. The legislation makes it easier for VA employees to be fired.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) claimed lawmakers need time to read the bill, though Megyn Kelly pointed out it's only three pages long.

"The disingenuousness reeks," said Kelly.

Marc Thiessen discussed the turn of events, saying Sanders' opposition stems from his alliance with public worker unions. He speculated that House Democrats voted for the legislation knowing that Sen. Sanders was going to "take the bullet and kill" the bill.

Watch that discussion below, plus tune in tonight at 9p/12a ET as Megyn goes through the VA scandal in a special one-hour Kelly File investigation.

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