An American climber is lucky to be alive after nearly falling to his death in Nepal. Dr. John All, a Western Kentucky professor, was doing climate research in the Himalayas when he tumbled down a 70-foot crevasse.

He recorded video of the ordeal which showed how close he was to falling even deeper. With broken ribs, a broken arm and dislocated shoulder, All used an ice pick to carefully crawl his way out. It took him almost six hours to escape.

All said, “Every time I talk to my folks or my friends and realize I’m going to be able to see them again in a few days, it makes it all worthwhile. It makes it wonderful because I have looked over the edge into the abyss and I know that’s not where I wanted to be. And now I can really, really appreciate living and being with my friends and family.”

He’ll recuperate in Nepal for a few weeks before heading off to Peru for another climb.

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