Are we about to see a de-facto bailout of health insurance companies? Critics are once again calling attention to a three-year provision that was "baked" into the Affordable Care Act.

It allows for the government to cover 50% of the cost if claims to insurers exceed premiums, former health care executive Stan Hupfeld explained on America's Newsroom. Some are arguing that the provision is a way for the White House to prevent a big jump in premiums, which could have an impact on voters in November.

Senate Republicans are calling it another "end run around Congress" by the administration.

"Raising premiums significantly is a mathematical certainty. You cannot add the kind of benefits that we're talking about - with pre-existing conditions, adding lots of older and sicker people to the mix - without raising premiums," said Hupfeld, noting that the idea was for the program to go away after a few years when the cost curve evened out and more and more young, healthy Americans signed up for ObamaCare.

"Ultimately, somebody has to pay the bill," he said, explaining that if large insurers are suffering losses, then it would fall to the taxpayer.

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