New allegations reveal that the Veterans Affairs scandal may be more widespread than previously thought. A whistleblower spoke out on tonight’s Hannity about alleged neglect at the VA hospital in Miami, Florida.

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Detective Thomas Fiore, who still works at the VA, told guest-host Eric Bolling about what he says is a culture of cover-ups and neglect.

As the primary investigator for the Miami VA health care system, he oversees three large counties in South Florida. “Anytime … some of the equipment within the medical center goes missing, it has to be reported to the police. I can say that I’ve done millions of dollars of investigations in a year’s period.”

Fiore said one time he recovered a piece of equipment from a patient’s home that was worth $45-$50K. The property had been left at the home after the patient moved.

Among other charges is drug dealing, which he said is a “regular occurrence.”

Fiore said patients gather near the smoking area at the hospital and sell prescription pills and other drugs to one another. Without solid evidence, charges haven't been brought against any individuals.

About two years ago in an email, Fiore said he presented a plan pertaining to an under-cover operation that could help catch suspects. He said he’s still waiting on a response.

“A couple years ago I used to investigate daily controlled substance discrepancies that have occurred within the Miami VA, their pharmacies. They put a stop to that years ago as well,” he said.

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