Police near Miami have released terrifying video showing what happened when a pool became electrified with children playing inside. Three children were briefly hospitalized after the incident, which occurred at an apartment complex.

As you can see in the clip, one man jumped up to help his granddaughter and ended up getting shocked himself. The kids were suddenly jolted when they touched the metal handrail.

Authorities are looking into whether an unconnected ground wire in the pool's pump house was the cause.

UPDATE: If you're a parent, and the footage has you a little concerned, Dr. Marc Siegel offered some advice on safety Friday morning on Fox and Friends. He explained that situations like this are very rare, but people should always remember that water is a conductor of electricity.

He said the less electrical devices you have around your pool, the better off you are, including lights in and around the pool. Also keep metal objects away from the pool and try to wear rubber-soled shoes around your pool as a safety precaution.

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