An argument over paperwork quickly escalated at a car dealership in Miami. Police are currently seeking the public’s help to identify the assailant who violently attacked the dealership's owner back in January.

A woman allegedly brought along some muscle after complaining that her name was wrong on the title. The man knocked out the owner, who wishes to remain anonymous. He has since sold his business and moved to protect his family.

“It makes you feel very insecure,” the owner said. “I don’t know why he did what he did but I put the security of my wife and my family above everything. I don’t care about money or anything. If I need to close the business and just walk away from potential trouble, that’s my priority.”

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Police said the attack happened Jan. 14, at around 5:50 p.m., at the Ban Kars Car Dealership located at 333 N.W. 79th St. in Miami.

Surveillance cameras at the dealership captured the attack after an argument had ensued between the owner and the man who was with the customer, Zsa Zsa Chantel Brown, who police said had issues with a car title of a vehicle she had purchased from the dealership months earlier.

"This woman had purchased this vehicle four months prior," said Miami Police spokesperson Freddie Cruz. "Now she comes four months later, she has a dispute over the title, her name is not on it. This is something that could have been resolved."

Instead, police said, she brought a friend who brutally beat two men on her behalf and calmly walked away.

Surveillance video shows the owner getting attacked and punched. He then drops to the ground. When the owner's stepson tried to intervene, he was assaulted by the man and struck several times. The suspect and Brown are then seen leaving the business.

"We did arrest Mrs. Brown since then," said Cruz. "However, Mrs. Brown is being very uncooperative. She is not telling us who this individual is. We are hoping the community seeing this today recognizes that individual."

A picture of the owner shows him in a hospital bed. He said he had to get several stitches. Since then he has sold his business and moved away for the safety of his family. "I wasn't born in this country," said the owner. "One of the reasons I came to do business in the United States is because I thought it provided much better warranties for personal safety."

Miami Police describe the suspect as a black male, standing six feet four inches tall and weighing about 250 pounds. He is said to have a goatee and was last seen wearing a gray jacket, blue jeans and beige boots.