** UPDATE, 2p ET: This bill passed the House this morning. Read more at FoxNews.com. **

Congress is set to move on a bill that was intended to rein in the broad surveillance powers of the NSA. The House will vote on legislation today, but critics like Judge Andrew Napolitano have called out lawmakers for seriously watering down the bill.

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Napolitano sat down with Brian Kilmeade this morning, explaining that the changes to Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner's (R-WI) original bill will actually end up giving the NSA more power.

So how did this happen?

"They've done it by using terms that are so flexible, so malleable, that one judge will interpret them one way, another judge will interpret it another way," he said, explaining that each judge's interpretation is kept hidden in secret courts.

"We don't know what the judge says or why he says it. One judge on the court doesn't even know what another judge on the court says. They're all kept secret from each other."

Napolitano believes lawmakers are trying to pass a bill that will make it look like the NSA is being pulled back, "when in reality it's going to unleash it to engage in more spying."

"It's wrong, it's deceptive and it's subterfuge," said the judge.

Watch the full discussion above, including a lighter moment for #TBT, when we got a look at the judge's best friend.

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