Col. Oliver North joined Gretchen Carlson this afternoon to assess President Obama's response to the VA scandal and offer some possible solutions to the growing crisis. North was asked whether he would trust the VA with his own health.

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He explained that he doesn't believe he'd be alive today if not for private insurance that he had access to when he was diagnosed with cancer.

"When I was diagnosed with cancer caused by Agent Orange ... the VA told me to come back in about six months. My wife thoughtfully said, 'let’s get another opinion.' A biopsy was done and urgency was given to the treatment of the cancer. And I’m alive today to tell you if I didn’t have the Fox medical plan, I might not be here," said North.

North explained that the problems go far beyond the allegations of secret waiting lists at the Phoenix VA hospital.

So what can be done to correct the rampant problems within the VA?

North believes one step that President Obama should take is to issue an executive order that only veterans can work in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

"People don’t realize it, but less than a third of the people working in the VA are actually veterans. ... We care for each other. We look after each other. We have a lifetime of experience doing it for each other. We did it on the battlefields and we’ll do it for each other in the Veterans Administration."

North also believes President Obama should have called for the FBI to open an investigation into possible criminal wrongdoing within the VA.

Watch the full discussion above.

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