The parents of a Wisconsin child asked a judge to grant a temporary restraining order against a kindergarten bully. They claimed that the five-year-old boy kicked their daughter in the face and threw rocks at her.

Read more on the story from WISN-TV and in the clip above you can see what the Outnumbered panel had to say about it. Brian Kilmeade, today's #oneluckyguy, said he would never consider taking such action against a bully if one of his kids were the victim.

"If I had a school that wasn't responsive to a bullying episode at the age of five or nine, I'm out of that school. That's a joke. You don't need to get the legal profession involved," said Kilmeade, adding that it may not apply to a five-year-old but eventually kids who are being bullied have to consider standing up for themselves.

The panel then moved on to a controversial story that we heard about Tuesday on Fox and Friends, in which a California mayor said that in many cases, bullying victims "just need to grow a pair."