Bill Schulte was driving home from church in Minnesota when he spotted a deer lying on the side of the road. He also noticed the doe's stomach appeared to be moving. Now, he is being hailed a hero for helping to rescue the unborn fawn from the mother's womb. 

Watch the video above to see Bambi himself, and check out more details below from Fox NY.

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Schulte decided to move the dead animal off the road.

Little did he know, there was an unborn fawn inside the mother.

He noticed the baby kicking, so quickly, he reached for his pocket knife, and cut the mother's stomach. He then was able to pull the fawn out.

Thanks to his quick actions, the baby is doing just fine.

"Felt where the baby was opened up and pulled the baby out because the baby wanted to slide right out, and cleared his throat his airway rubbing it and it starting breathing everything was cool,” said Schulte.

Guess what the fawn's name is?

Bambi, of course.

The baby is now at the Wildfire Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota , and he's expected to make a full recovery.