The 9/11 Memorial Museum is open for the public today, but there's a new controversy after the sacred grounds were reportedly turned into a night club for VIP's last night while first responders were turned away.

Former NY Senator Alfonse D'Amato joined America's Newsroom this morning to talk about the situation.

"It was not a wild party just given willy-nilly. It really was to thank those people who contributed almost half a billion dollars," D'Amato said.

The former senator says the museum serves as a "living testimony to the heroic efforts of first responders to try to save people," and that the party was held to thank the mayor and those who raised over $400 million so the memorial could be possible.

"Mayor Bloomberg did a fantastic job, this museum is so inspiring and you can't help but break down when you see it," D'Amato said, adding that he can see how first responders may have been annoyed over a lack of access.

D'Amato also talked to Martha about families who feel the remains should not have been included in the museum.

"I think that is something that can still be addressed," D'Amato said, "that is a legitimate....question raised by families as to what is the proper place for those remains to be."

Watch the full interview above.