“The White House seems caught off guard by the VA scandal, but they seem caught off guard by the sun,” Greg Gutfeld said this evening on “The Five.”

Gutfeld blasted “the first selfie administration, one that puts whiners before warriors,” adding that “selfishness is the new selflessness, and real sacrifice is viewed as sucker’s work.”

“The Five” co-host said that the absent media is giving Obama a pass on everything because he is like them.

“This leads to a White House that shuns responsibility as it clumsily bumps into real world chaos as if it just learned to walk,” he said. “It’s no wonder vets feel like toys in the attic a country no longer needs. They serve us and then expect help from those whose ideology mocks them? Please. You’ve been to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Korea, Germany, but you really need to get out more. Build a solar-powered windmill. Then we’ll talk.”

Watch Gutfeld’s monologue and “The Five” co-hosts reactions in the video above.

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