Nina Easton of Fortune magazine and Jamie Weinstein of the Daily Caller gave us some instant reaction to President Obama's remarks on the problems within the VA health care system. Jon Scott said that the speech struck him as "awfully tentative and tepid."

Scott asked how Obama can claim that taking care of veterans has been one of the biggest causes of his presidency amid the serious allegations against the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Easton said the remarks had a lot of "padding," such as when Obama spoke about progress that's been made within the VA during his presidency.

"Why not just stick with the issue and be angry about it and take responsibility for it?" she asked, calling out the president for warning against turning the problems into a "political football."

"By the way, that means no critics, no Republican critics, I'm gonna do things on my own terms and in my own way. I thought that was totally unnecessary," said Easton.

Weinstein noted that the president has a "no drama" reputation and argued maybe some drama is needed in order to deal with big problems that arise.

"You never hear of 'no drama Steve Jobs' and there's a reason for that. Steve Jobs used sometimes fierce action to get things done and build one of the great companies in American history," said Weinstein, adding that it may be time for a discussion about possibly privatizing some of the VA operation.

Stay tuned throughout the day to Fox News for reaction to Obama's remarks.