It was supposed to be a one-day mission, but it turned into a fierce nine-day battle in the mountains of Afghanistan. The battle is now the subject of a new movie, "The Hornet's Nest," since veteran war correspondent Mike Boettcher was there along with his son, Carlos, to experience the intense combat firsthand.

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The team of elite U.S. soldiers and Marines was dropped into a rugged area near the Pakistan border and quickly surrounded by about 500 Taliban fighters. Boettcher said they had no choice but to fight their way out and six U.S. service members made the ultimate sacrifice.

"This film will connect you with that sacrifice," he said, pointing out that many Americans say "thank you for your service" to veterans, but don't fully understand what U.S. troops have to go through in combat.

"More than 99 percent of this country does not feel the pain of war. It's less than one percent that does feel it. There's an epidemic of disconnection and benign neglect. People don't want to actually see that sacrifice, face it head-on," he said, adding that he grew closer with his son during the harrowing experience in the Afghan valley.

"I was scared to death. ... Several times I thought he was dead and he thought I was dead," said Boettcher, who spent a total of two years covering the war.

Carlos said that growing up, he often wondered why his father was not around for birthdays and holidays, working as a war correspondent.

"Going there with him, working with him, seeing the ticket to history that he has lived his entire life. It made me understand my dad a lot more and it brought us closer together," Carlos said.

Watch the interview above from America's Newsroom, and check out the official trailer for The Hornet's Nest below.

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