The incredible time-lapse video below, shot by Basehunters Chasers in Wyoming, captures the formation of an ominous supercell thunderstorm.

Fox News Meteorologist Maria Molina reported that supercell thunderstorms tend to form across parts of Tornado Alley.

She explained that in the central United States, “the topography […] is very favorable for these storms to form. So you have the very warm and humid Gulf of Mexico pumping up that humid air northward across the Plain states. And then you have the Rockies to the west and that produces some dry air.”

When the air masses meet, these unique rotating thunderstorms are formed. They produce strong wind in excess of 60 miles per hour, hail, flooding and tornadoes.

There are three different types of supercell storms. Molina suspected that the one shown in the video looks like a Low Precipitation (LP) supercell. 

Watch the viral video below: