A Rhode Island middle school canceled honors night because it didn’t include everyone, then backtracked on its decision.

An email sent to parents of students at Archie R. Cole Middle School in East Greenwich said honors students would be recognized during team-based ceremonies and graduation instead of at the traditional honors ceremony.

"Members of the school community have long expressed concerns related to the exclusive nature of Honors Night,” the email stated.

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“How else are they supposed to learn […] coping skills, not just based on success but relative failure – it might not even be failure but understanding what it takes to achieve high levels,” parent Joe Kosloski said of the celebration’s cancelation.

After days of controversy and feedback from parents, the traditional honors night is back on.

Principal Alexis Meyer wrote in an email, “We had no intention of failing to acknowledge and celebrate exemplary student accomplishment… Rather, our intention was to create a venue where all kids who meet the high expectations that we set for them are recognized and celebrated.”

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