Tens of thousands of wildfire evacuees returned home in Southern California over the weekend. Incredible amateur video above shows the enormity of a fire that broke out in Carlsbad, California.

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Kristin Michalec shot the video while running an errand for work. On America’s Newsroom, she told Martha MacCallum, “I saw the smoke forming. In just a matter of minutes it was obviously out of control.”

Eventually, she had to make a U-turn after officials started to block off the roads. “When I looked behind me, the smoke was just going through the whole street and covering houses.”

Michalec said her boyfriend was subbing at an elementary school nearby, which was evacuated as the fire grew.

“Usually our fire seasons are in October, so I didn’t even plan anything when this started to happen. It was so last minute and you don’t even think to prepare for something like this. [...] It’s just hard. You just kind of have to make sure nothing happens to your house or your neighborhood," she said.

Read more on the wildfires from FoxNews.com:

For those battling a series of blazes for days, the relief was mixed with a sense of dread that drought-sapped vegetation, high temperatures and low humidity portend a long fire season ahead.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has responded to more than 1,500 fires this year, compared with about 800 during an average year.

"Normally, I don't even put wildfire gear in my vehicle until the end of April. This year I never took it out," Kirk Kushen, battalion chief of the Kern County Fire Department, said at a base camp in Escondido. "We never really completed the 2013 fire season. It's been a continuation."

At least 10 fires spanning 39 square miles have chewed a destructive path through San Diego County since Tuesday, destroying 11 houses, an 18-unit apartment complex and two businesses. A badly burned body was found in a transient camp, and one firefighter suffered heat exhaustion.

The first blaze was caused by a spark from construction equipment, according to state officials, but it could take months to get to the bottom of the most damaging fires. Alberto Serrato, 57, pleaded not guilty Friday to an arson charge in connection with one of the smaller fires, but authorities say they don't believe he started it, just added brush to it.

In the Central California city of Modesto, a fire fueled by hot weather and high winds on Friday quickly spread to a row of town houses, destroying three of the structures and damaging six others. Authorities said the blaze started on the grassy berm of a freeway project frequented by homeless people.

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