In an exclusive Fox and Friends interview, whistleblower Dr. Margaret Moxness claimed she witnessed the same delay and incompetence at the Department of Veterans Affairs that may have cost over 40 veterans their lives.

RPT: Obama Admin Warned of VA Problems in '08 and Did Nothing

Dr. Moxness was a psychiatrist at the Huntington VA Medical Center in Charleston, West Virginia. She expressed her frustration about not being able to treat veterans properly.

After prescribing medication to veterans, Dr. Moxness said they were forced to wait months for a follow-up appointment. That means the vets are only partially treated and therefore “worse off than no treatment at all,” she explained.

When Dr. Moxness complained directly to the VA about administration practices, she said they stopped talking to her. “I was functionally silenced, but they just kept booking them. And I knew that the suicides were inevitable,” she noted, adding that there were two suicides while she was there.

“These men were eventually going to need more than a visit every 10 months,” she said. “[Mental health] is a problem that goes beyond the scope of the VA, but the VA is particularly handicapped in being able to handle it because the bureaucracy is so heavy.”

Dr. Moxness said one possible solution is jail time for administrators, making them fearful of consequences for their actions.

Watch the Fox and Friends interview above.