A professional surfer has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly running over and trying to kill a 73-year-old woman in Hawaii.

Police say 30-year-old Jill Hansen, a professional surfer and model, followed the woman back to her apartment complex. When the woman got out of her car, police say Hansen ran her down and was backing her car up to run her over again, but a maintenance worker grabbed a crowbar and smashed in Hansen’s window.

That’s when Hansen reportedly fled the scene.

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Between the incident and the time she was arrested, Hansen posted to Facebook: “I am becoming a professional! I have worked SOOOO hard to get to today. I am so greatful (sic) for all the support.”

Hansen is currently involved in another assault case. Her father has a restraining order against her because he claims that she tried to solicit a hit man to kill him and his family. Hansen has also been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation, and she got a speeding ticket a few days before she allegedly hit the woman with her car.

The victim says Hansen was trying to steal her car. She is recovering, while Hansen is being held on $1 million bail.

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