Graduating seniors at Haverford College received an earful from their own commencement speaker this weekend. Former Princeton University President William G. Bowen blasted graduates as “immature” and “arrogant” for mounting a campaign against another speaker who was forced to withdraw from the ceremony.

Robert J. Birgeneau, the former chancellor of UC Berkeley, canceled his appearance after students and faculty complained about his leadership in 2011 when campus police used force on student protesters. They even had a list of demands which included a public apology and a written letter explaining his actions.

In the video of Bowen’s speech above, he says, “In my view, they should have encouraged him to come and engage in a serious discussion. Not to come, tail between his legs, to respond to an indictment that a self-chosen jury had reached without hearing counter-arguments. Aggravated as he had every right to be, I think he should be with us today.”

On Outnumbered, co-host Sandra Smith said, “The way that these students are protesting does not show any respect. […] They’re not getting their message across.”

Moving on to a story out of South Carolina, education administrators are bringing in specialized counselors to offer career advice to eighth graders. Officials say it’s never too soon to think about a career path, but did you know what you wanted to do at 12 years old?

Guest co-host Stacey Dash said she knew she wanted to be an actress at that age.

She said, “I also think it’s important because young people are being bombarded with so much socially, about how they should dress, what they should think, social media. What’s wrong with them being guided in what they should do as a career? More information is power.”

Hear what today’s #oneluckyguy Eric Bolling had to say about these topics in the clip above!