California’s fire season has started early this year, and Gov. Jerry Brown blames climate change.

In tonight’s Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly said that climate change is a political issue that was fueled by the very liberal Al Gore.

While conservatives scoff at scientists who say that pollution is changing the earth, liberals are crazed over man-made climate change, demanding immediate action. O’Reilly said that both sides are misguided.

O’Reilly suggested reading a column by Peter Morici, an economist and professor, who points out that China is driving worldwide pollution, and the country will not cooperate on limiting carbon dioxide emissions.

“Business, not pollution, is China’s obsession,” O’Reilly said.

Meanwhile, O’Reilly noted that the U.S. is reducing its carbon footprint. He said that imposing strict environmental standards on U.S. corporations won’t do much as long as China continues to pollute.

While reasonable clean air and water standards should be imposed, O’Reilly said that those standards should not be punishing. If they are, then the U.S. economy will shrink while the economies of China and India continue to grow.

Does it make sense, O’Reilly asked, that we have so many restrictions on energy development, while sending billions of dollars to OPEC? Does stopping the Keystone XL pipeline proposal make any sense? O’Reilly said it just makes Russia stronger and the U.S. weaker.

O’Reilly also said that the U.S. should encourage alternative energy by granting tax breaks to responsible companies.

“In the meantime, if you think hammering U.S. corporations will stop the fires in California or storms like Sandy, you’re nuts. Gov. Brown should fly over to Shanghai and get a clue,” he said.

Watch the full memo above.

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