The legendary Barbara Walters signed off from “The View” for a final time last week.

The 84-year-old journalist has interviewed every president since Richard Nixon and is known for her interesting, insightful interviews with news makers.

Howard Kurtz asked Hollywood Reporter’s Marisa Guthrie if she thinks the era of those sort of sit-down interviews is ending.

'Factor' Interview: What's the Secret to Barbara Walters' Longevity?

“Absolutely, I think broadcast news has diminished, the television media landscape is too fractured, and celebrities and politicians are too knowing, they’ve all had media training, they all know what questions to expect, they all practice in mock interviews, and so I don’t think you can do what Barbara did so well which was to ask the tough questions, not in a combative way, not in a judgmental way, and really make the person sitting across from her feel like they were having a conversation with a confidante, with somebody who they could trust.”

Kurtz and Guthrie agreed that it’s safe to say there won’t be another Barbara Walters, and they both believe she will be back on TV again.

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