Judge Jeanine remarked on the Jay Z/Solange fight and Alec Baldwin's arrest in last night's "Fast Justice" segment. Read the transcript below.

Now it's time for 'Fast Justice.'

Tonight: two celebrity cases. First, the case of who leaked the Jay-Z/Solange elevator video.

Now, the incident occurred last week in New York City at the Standard Hotel.

You can clearly see Solange, Beyonce's sister, attacking her brother-in-law Jay Z as Beyonce does nothing.

The family has reportedly made up, but the question remains: how did the video get out?

Apparently a worker at the Standard thought it was OK to take the surveillance video and sell it on the open market for a quarter of a million dollars. The bad news, the hotel has requested authorities conduct a criminal investigation.

My take? Solange shouldn't be upset. This is the first hit video she's had in years.  

VIDEO: Beyonce's Sis, Solange, Attacks Jay Z in Elevator

And the second case: Alec Baldwin arrested this week in New York for riding his bike the wrong way down a Manhattan street. Apparently Baldwin flipped out on the cops who stopped him and asked for his ID.  His outburst earned him a disorderly conduct charge.  

Baldwin says cops targeted him because of his celebrity status.

My ruling?

I love the NYPD. I get it when they get angry. But don't turn Baldwin into a martyr. You've got bigger fish to fry. And by the way, do you know how many people ride the wrong way on a street in New York City? And how do you even know it's him? He looks like hell.

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