A new curriculum in Colorado is devoted to the study of marijuana.

Clover Leaf University offers a curriculum which includes cannabis consulting, master cultivation and cannabis culinary art.

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As part of the Auraria Higher Education Center, the school shares a main campus with the University of Colorado Denver, Metro State University and the Community College of Denver.

Filling a niche in one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana use, the school gives students the opportunity to take individual classes in “Cannabis Consulting, Master Cultivation, Cannabis Science and Testing, Infusions, Cannabis Culinary Art and Continued Legal Education Classes,” according to the school’s website.

Clover Leaf students can also work towards four different program certificates, including a business program which includes classes in finance, marketing, management and due process. The website touts an internship program that is “Coming Soon :).”

It is approved, licensed, and regulated by the Colorado Department of Education’s Private Occupational School Board, making it the only accredited cannabis university in the country. Clover Leaf’s courses are also accredited by the Colorado Supreme Court Board for Continuing Legal Education.

“They are approved by the Division of Private Occupational Schools, so yes, they are approved to operate in the state of Colorado as a school,” Lorna Candler, a spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Higher Education, told KCNC.

The school is offering the first accredited Industrial Hemp Farming Class in the nation on May 28 for $210.94.

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Bishop Ron Allen, head of the International Faith Based Coalition and former drug addict, was on “Fox and Friends” to discuss this curriculum.

This is a bunch of nonsense,” he said. “I think that every Colorado state official should be arrested, convicted for the aiding and abetting of the education of drug dealers, drug pushers, and the key thrown away. This type of education does nothing but further the destruction of families and homes and educating individuals for a bunch of nonsense and drug dealing and drug pushing.”

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