Barbara Walters is still going strong at age 84. On The O'Reilly Factor last night, Bill asked how the news and television icon has been able to maintain her energy level for all these years.

O'Reilly referred to Walters as the most successful female journalist of all-time, but said he cannot believe she is 84 because she has so much energy.

"I'm lucky. ... I have good genes," she said, explaining she doesn't adhere to any special diet and doesn't take "pills." Walters will host her last "View" Friday, but she will still be involved with ABC.

O'Reilly asked Walters if she feels there is an "innate talent" behind her amazing success.

"I would have said 'very little.' But i realize that I'm good with questions, I'm curious and I'm a wonderful editor. Give me a piece of tape, give me a piece of film, I love to edit. It's like putting a puzzle together. So that helps when I prepare interviews. So, do I have an enormous talent? No. Do I have some talent? Yeah."

Courage also plays a big part, O'Reilly pointed out. Walters agreed, saying she's "never been afraid to ask questions," including asking Vladimir Putin whether he ever ordered a murder.

Watch the full interview above and tune in tonight at 8/11p ET to see the second part of the sit-down. The two will discuss politics, the so-called war on women, and more.