Is Hillary Clinton an overrated candidate for 2016? Charles Krauthammer said last night on The O'Reilly Factor that he believes Dems are "grossly overestimating" Clinton's popularity.

On Outnumbered, Kirsten Powers asked today's #oneluckyguy Bob Beckel whether the Democrats could be better off if Clinton does not run, since another candidate would not have to answer questions about Benghazi.

The former campaign manager for 1984 presidential candidate Walter Mondale said Clinton would enjoy a boost of three to five points just for being the first female presidential candidate.

"In these elections, as close as they are, I think that makes a big difference," said Beckel, who then added that Jeb Bush is the possible GOP candidate that "scares me the most" because of his support among Hispanics.

"If he could cut into the Hispanic vote, he'd be a formidable candidate. As usual, the Republicans will find a way to nominate some wacko and we'll be fine," said Beckel.

He also disputed Krauthammer's views by pointing out that in a Fox News poll last month, Clinton was favored by eight points over Chris Christie and by nine points over Rand Paul and Jeb Bush.

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