It was Steve Doocy vs. Maria Molina this morning in the Reebok Spartan Race as the organizers of the extreme obstacle course set up camp right outside the Fox News headquarters.

We have to say it was a pretty impressive performance by both, especially Steve's rope-climbing prowess. Watch what happened in the video above and a play-by-play below.

Right off the bat, Steve should’ve been disqualified for running around the wall. 

But ... he makes up for it by helping Maria over the wall.

And again, when he helps her flip a giant tire.

The rope climb brings another attempt at cheating, when Steve tries to pay off the Spartan helpers to climb in his place. 

Needless to say, they didn’t accept his $1. Left with no choice and sheer determination, the strapping 57-year-old quickly climbed to the top.

For the final task, Maria paid it forward by lending Steve a hand after he got stuck in the tube.

In the end, friendship was the one true winner. Spartan races are #betterwithfriends.

Next up, it was Brian Kilmeade vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  Watch their race below: