A whistleblower who says she was paid by the federal government to do nothing went 'On the Record' tonight.

Paula Bujewski worked for Cognosante, a health care technology company sub-contracted by another company – Serco – to aid in fulfillment of a $1.2 million ObamaCare website contract. 

Bujewski was employed by Cognosante on the ObamaCare contract from the beginning of October through the end of November in 2013. Her job was to process paper applications for ObamaCare health insurance plans. 

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Bujewski claimed, however, that in the nearly two months she worked on the ObamaCare contract, she only processed maybe a dozen applications. "Most of the time we were sitting around doing nothing," Bujewski told Greta Van Susteren.

Many of the workers, including Bujewski, spoke up about their apparent lack of work, only to be met with excuses about the Healthcare.gov website not working properly. When the website finally began working, Bujewski claimed that her workload and that of her coworkers didn't increase.

"My experience there was so disappointing," Bujewski said, noting that she had been a supporter of ObamaCare all along. 

"We were sitting around every day doing nothing."

When asked by Van Susteren why she chose to leave her job, Bujewski said, "I was bored out of my mind, it was driving me crazy and I have a conscience. That's not what I signed up for."