There’s controversy surrounding the firing of the first female executive editor for The New York Times. There are reports that say Jill Abramson was fired after asking for equal pay to her male predecessor.

It’s estimated that in 2011, Bill Keller made $559,000, compared to Abramson’s $475,000.

Today on The Real Story, Fox News contributor David Webb said Abramson’s firing struck a nerve with some people because it appears hypocritical.

On April 9, the NY Times published an editorial piece titled, “The Truth About the Pay Gap.”

The piece reads, “wage injustice matters to all Americans, regardless of party, and those who stand in the way of fairness do so at their political peril.”

Webb argued that there are already laws in place to ensure that people can’t be discriminated against because of gender.

“We do,” Gretchen Carlson said. “But if she did complain about the pay and had a lawyer call to ask about it and then she was fired, then those laws are not working very well.”

Webb countered that equal pay is an agenda being pushed by the Obama administration.

Watch the debate above.