Back by popular demand, today was ‘Facebook Friday’ on The Five!  The co-hosts answered viewer questions from Facebook and Twitter.

The hosts were asked who or what inspires them, and what they’re most thankful for.

Eric Bolling answered, “Inspires me – my mom. … On her death bed, her last two words in the world, whispered in my ear, ‘Never quit.’ And I believe that and I will always, always remember that.”

Another viewer wondered how Bob Beckel enjoyed being the #oneluckyguy on Outnumbered today. “I enjoyed it," he said. "They’re gracious, they’re smart, they’re beautiful.”

Beckel added, “I think I shocked a few people on it with […] what I call honesty, but some people called stupidity.”

Jedediah Bila, co-host of Outnumbered, was pulling double duty today as well by guest-hosting The Five. One viewer asked, what's the genesis of her unique first name?

Bila said, “My mom got it from ‘Barnaby Jones,’ which was an old TV series. It’s a man's name. It’s also biblical, but that’s not where she got it from.”

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