Fresh off his primary victory this week in Nebraska, U.S. Senate candidate Ben Sasse spoke with Brian Kilmeade this morning about his message for Washington, D.C. Sasse, favored by Tea Party groups, came out on top Tuesday and will face off against Omaha attorney Dave Domina (D) in November.

The Midland University president called out "national, liberal" media for pushing the idea of "mainstream Republicans" versus Tea Party conservatives. He said the mainstream media's "favorite topic is Republicans fighting Republicans."

"If 'mainstream Republican' means you're satisfied with the way Washington works right now, then the people of Nebraska, we don't believe in that. I'm a very conservative guy, but we don't think the problem in Washington is just that the Democrats are in charge. We think that it's too many Republicans want Washington to be in charge," said Sasse, adding that he does not believe "Washington ruling the country" is in our interests.

Sasse said he believes Americans can do great things when they are "set free," but believes the Obama administration is trying to "centrally plan life" from Washington.

Watch the full interview with Sasse above.