In a column this week for the National Review, Jonah Goldberg explains "Why Jeb Bush's Turn Might Not Come" in 2016. He joined Jon Scott this morning to go over the reasons why Bush may not be able to follow in the footsteps of his father and older brother and win the GOP nomination.

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Goldberg brought up the idea of yet another member of the Bush family vying for the White House.

"I'm not an anti-Bush guy, but there is something fundamentally weird - almost 'Game of Thrones-ey' - about having, for a quarter of a century, every Republican president come from one nuclear family."

But that's not the biggest reason why Goldberg does not believe Bush will end up as the 2016 nominee. He points out that in past years, eventual Republican nominees focus on "wooing" the conservative base.

Goldberg said George Bush, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney and John McCain all used that strategy to some extent to win the nomination. He explains that Jeb does not seem interested in doing that so far, and already drew criticism from the right for his comment that immigrants come to the U.S. illegally as an "act of love."

"I have sympathy with the point, but that is a crazy thing to say if you're trying to win over the base of the Republican Party," said Goldberg.

Watch his full analysis above and let us know: who would you pick right now on the GOP side for 2016?

Also, hear what Rand Paul has to say about 2016 on Hannity, tonight at 10p/1a ET.

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