Last night on Hannity, Ann Coulter weighed in on the left’s use of the Twitter campaign #BringBackOurGirls to raise awareness about the nearly 300 kidnapped school girls in Nigeria.

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After First Lady Michelle Obama posted a photo using the hashtag “Bring Back Our Girls,” Coulter responded with a picture of her own.

“It’s utterly pathetic and embarrassing,” Ann Coulter told Sean Hannity Wednesday evening. Hannity has also taken issue with the campaign calling it “idiotic.”

Coulter believes it's another indication of the United States losing its power throughout the world.

“These idiots think that a hashtag is some major policy initiative,” Coulter said. “How about Michelle Obama [uses] hashtag, “I’m married to an idiot?”

Hannity questioned what the US role should be in this situation and told Coulter he has no confidence in Nigerian special forces.

“The only people that would have a chance of getting them out under the guise of secrecy and surprise would be the US military or the Israelis,” Hannity said.

Agreeing with Hannity, Coulter added, “It’s kind of a pathetic gesture when we can’t even protect our own ambassador.” 

On Friday night, tune in to Hannity at 10p/1a ET as Sean and a special audience examine the rise of radical Islam and "hashtag" diplomacy.

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