How about this for quick thinking! An 8-year-old Kansas girl helped save her mom after the woman passed out behind the wheel. When Abby Porter’s mom lost consciousness while driving, she tried to turn the car toward her dad’s house when a cop spotted her and drove up next to her.

'My Christmas Angel': Boy's Quick Reaction Saves Grandfather's Life

“It looked like a female driver passed out or was having some type of medical emergency,” Police Officer Jimmy Hamilton said.

Officer Hamilton then asked Abby to put the vehicle in park, but she responded “I don’t know how.”

Since Abby said she couldn’t stop the car, the police officer pulled his car in front and instructed Abby to bump it until the vehicle stopped.

Luckily, it worked and no one was hurt. Abby even got to school right in time for her spelling test and her dad, Roger, said, “The Lord and angels were on that street.”

The Galena Police Department plans to give Abby an award for her bravery.

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