An incredible rescue was captured on a Minnesota police car dash cam. The video above shows a man running toward a burning vehicle to assist a cop, who was trying to rescue the passenger trapped inside.

The woman’s SUV reportedly stalled, so she pulled over and called 911. While she was waiting for help, lightning struck the SUV and it caught on fire. The officer and a teenager driving by jumped in to action.

Michael Smith said, “I guess I didn’t really think. I just ran and tried to save her.”

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After lightning struck Anna Smith's trailblazer, flames shot out from under her hood while she was stuck inside.

"There was no way I could unlock anything. Windows weren't working, nothing," Anna Smith said.

Smith called 911, and Officer Chris Burban ran to help her.

"My whole thought was 'Gotta get her out, no one's going to burn to death if I can do anything about it,'" said Officer Chris Burban, Lake Crystal Police.

Burban smashed the window with a tool, and Officer Burban and another driver who stopped to help, grabbed her arms and pulled her through the broken window.

We showed Smith the video of her rescue; she had not yet seen it.

"Oh wow, that must have been when it flashed and went further the fire," Anna Smith said.

She's grateful for the heroic work of Officer Burban, who rescued her, and the tools she needs for her career as a massage therapist.

"The thing too that he did, was he got my oil bag out. I'm starting to lose it. Geez," Anna Smith said.

"I got lucky, she got lucky, I'll take luck," Officer Burban said.

They were able to walk away from the incident with minor scrapes.