U.S. immigration officials released murderers, drunken drivers and sex crime convicts in 2013, according to government statistics.

“This is a huge bait and switch by the Obama administration,” Byron York, of the Washington Examiner said on tonight's "On The Record." He noted that President Barack Obama says that the nation must go after criminals who are here illegally, but what we have now found is that the administration has let go thousands of immigrants who have been convicted of crimes.

Of the immigrants released, more than 100 were convicted of murder, 2,700 of assault, and 1,300 of domestic violence. About 15,000 were convicted of drunken driving, and 9,000 were found to be driving under the influence of drugs.

According to the Washington Times, “the agency was required to release immigrants because of court decisions, including a 2001 Supreme Court ruling that found immigrants whose home countries refused to take them back could not be held for more than six months.”

Bob Beckel also went “On The Record,” where he said he finds it inconceivable that someone is allowing murderers to walk the street.

Watch York and Beckel on tonight’s “On The Record” in the video above.

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