On the latest edition of Outnumbered, Andrea Tantaros, Harris Faulkner, Jedediah Bila and Sandra Smith were joined by #oneluckyguy, Tucker Carlson. Check out our roundup to see what you missed, and tune in to Outnumbered each day at noon ET.

Have you heard about Screen-Free Week? The idea is you give up using your cell phone, computer and other devices, and stop watching TV for one week. One mom said she made her 8-year-old daughter go screen-free and it made her family "even more disconnected than usual."

Read the mom's blog post and then see what the panel thought in the clip above.

The father of Florida State star Jameis Winston is calling on the university to provide a 24-7 handler for this son. The quarterback, who won the Heisman Trophy last season and also plays on the FSU baseball team, avoided charges after being accused of sexual assault.

Recently, he was cited for shoplifting crab legs from a grocery store, a moment he referred to as "youthful ignorance."

Harris gave credit to Antonor Winston for looking out for his son, but argued if he really wants a handler then he should pay for it. Leave it to the #oneluckyguy to disagree.

Tucker countered that Winston brings in huge sums for the university and should look out for Winston.

"Men get into trouble when they have opportunity to get into trouble. And who has opportunity? A Heisman Trophy winner," said Tucker.

Andrea said she sees Tucker's point and would understand why the coach would want someone looking after his star player 24/7.

Watch the full discussion below, and give us your take!

Last, but not least: would you send your 8-year-old child to modeling camp? Modeling Camp KIDS announced that it's expanding a successful program for teens to include children as young as 8. The owner, Heather Cole, says the move comes in response to demand from the parents of younger kids.

Most of the panel agreed that this is not necessarily a bad thing if it's what the child wants to do and the parents play a positive role.

"For some kids, it may boost their self-esteem, walking down a little catwalk. It really depends on how the people handle it and how the parents talk to the kids about it. It's all about parental guidance," said Jedediah Bila, who also noted that it would be concerning if the camp puts an emphasis on staying thin with children so young.

Sandra Smith said what concerns her is that children may be set up for disappointment because so few actually become professional models.

Watch the segment below: