6:00p ET UPDATE​: Police have taken the suspect into custody. Read more from FoxNews.com here.

2:45p ET UPDATE: Trace Gallagher reports that the truck is believed to be a Ford F-350 pickup. The suspect is described as a black male in his 20s or 30s.

A press conference is expected soon.

SWAT teams responded to a Baltimore TV station this afternoon after a man, who may be armed, rammed a truck through the doors and took off into the building.

The situation began when the man, according to witnesses, banged on the lobby doors at WMAR-TV, an ABC affiliate. He reportedly shouted that he was "God" when asked by security guards why he needed to get in.

Then, he got back in his truck and rammed the building seven times, busting through the lobby doors. The man then took off and he is still believed to be inside.

It's unclear whether the man is armed. A robot was sent in on the second floor in an effort to track down the man.

The news director said all of the employees were accounted for, but police do not know yet whether everyone is out of the building.

Watch the report from Trace Gallagher above, and stay tuned to Fox News Channel for all of the breaking details.