An underwater explorer says he may have discovered remains from Christopher Columbus’ ship, the Santa Maria, more than 500 years after it sank in the Caribbean.

The Santa Maria is one of three ships that Columbus helped sail across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492. About a month after landing in the Bahamas, historians say he abandoned the ship when it struck a reef.

Researchers claim to have found the wreck off the northern coast of Haiti using Columbus’ own diary entry and other historical documents.

Fox News reporter Lea Gabrielle said the underwater site in question was one of 400 that had been eliminated as a possibility.

Barry Clifford, underwater archaeological explorer, said, “So in 2012, after doing research, I woke up in the middle of the night and it was like, oh my God, we’ve discovered the smoking gun.”

The “smoking gun” is a 15th century cannon, which has since been looted from the site. Clifford is urging for the ship to be preserved.

Scientific testing will be conducted to prove whether this is indeed the ship that sailed the ocean blue back in 1942.