Wednesday Update: Some great news on this story since it aired on Fox and Friends Tuesday. The family says Judson will be receiving the drug from Chimerix. Here's what the family wrote on their Facebook page:

"Judd will be getting the trial medicine!! Thank you everyone that helped us. We are so excited. Either tomorrow or the next day he should be getting the medicine."

Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. brought us another case of a dying child whose family is battling the drug company Chimerix for an experimental drug that could prove to be life-saving. Previously, Johnson highlighted the fight of Josh Hardy, a seven-year-old Virginia Boy who was dying from an adenovirus after a bone marrow transplant.

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Eventually, Chimerix relented in that case after intense public scrutiny. Josh got the experimental drug a few months ago and has been improving ever since.

Now, the parents of 21-month-old Judson Shepherd, from Lockwood, New York, are battling Chimerix so that their son can be included in the national trial. He is also battling an adenovirus that doctors believe could be successfully treated with the unapproved drug.

Judson's grandmother says the boy is on a ventilator and has been battling leukemia since he was six months old. Chimerix had initially said that Judson could not receive the drug at the hospital where he is being treated because the hospital is not part of the Chimerix trial.

Johnson said after calls to Chimerix, he believes the company could be changing its mind.

In an update this morning on a Facebook page devoted to Judson, the family provided some encouraging news after the Fox and Friends segment aired:

"Awesome job Peter with Fox News!!!! The company is now considering to add Judson to the pilot program! We are another step closer to getting this medication! Thank you everyone for your support and prayers and please sign and share the petition!"

Johnson Jr. noted that families of sick children should not have to go to these lengths to obtain drugs that could potentially save their child's life.

"People should not have to be put to those kinds of steps. To call up legal correspondents on television to get their children the medications that are available and should be available under compassionate use [programs]," said Johnson.

Watch the full interview above, and sign the petition for Judson to get the medication he desperately needs.

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