An eight-year-old girl in Florida helped deliver her baby brother after her mother’s water broke two weeks early.

On the 911 call, Jazmine tells the dispatcher that her mom, 29-year-old Krystle Garcia, is in pain. The dispatcher alerted paramedics, but they didn’t arrive in time because minutes later, Garcia shouted, “The baby’s out!”

The Associated Press reported:

During an eight-minute call, Jazmine calmly relays the dispatcher's instructions to her mother, gets towels and other items and secures the baby's head.


When paramedics arrived, they took the baby and Garcia to a hospital. Authorities say both are doing fine. The baby was named Joseph James Snyder.

Garcia later said she was proud of Jazmine for handling the stress so well, with the help of the dispatcher.

"She definitely stayed calm when she needed to. I was hysterical," Garcia said.

Jazmine received a hospital certificate from the nurses for her bravery.