Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) was on “Hannity” tonight where he discussed the left and the problems that face our nation.

He also addressed a possible 2016 presidential run, saying that he will make a decision at the end of the year, but that he and many Republicans are already more capable than the sitting president.

Rubio said that his top agenda items would be keeping the country safe by strengthening the military, growing the economy by making the U.S. the best place in the world to invest and innovate, and changing the legal immigration system so that it’s merit-based.

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Rubio also slammed the left and the Obama administration, saying, “They view the country as children, and that they have the medicine that we need to take to make us better, even if we don’t like it, and so even if they have to lie to us about what we’re taking, even if they have to lie to us about how it would work, they’re gonna make us do it because they know what’s right for us better than we know what’s right for us […] They won’t level with the American people because, if they did, they could never gain our support.”

Watch his full interview above.

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