Spring is in the air, which means many people are stepping up their efforts to shed a few pounds. Dr. Ian Smith, author of the Super Shred Diet, talked to Elisabeth Hasselbeck this morning to give us some examples of weight loss myths that could be tripping up dieters.

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1) You can "out-exercise" a bad diet.

If you eat 3,000 calories in a day, you're not going to be able to burn those calories at the gym. Unless you plan on spending most of your day working out.

2) I'm a vegetarian, I won't gain weight.

"Not true," says Smith, using the example of people who stick to salad, but are not conscious of how much dressing they use. He said you can take a 200-calorie salad and make it 800-900 just by what you add to it.

Smith also cited veggie burgers, saying many people fry it, then add mayo or ketchup on top and have fries on the side.

3. Carbs are the enemy.

"This bothers me the most. Carbs are your friend," said Smith. He explained that carbs "are the number one source of fuel for the body and the brain," adding that avocados, beans, legumes, and yogurt are all examples of good carbs that should be incorporated into your diet.

4. Drinking lots of water will help weight loss.

"Don't go crazy," he said, noting that 8-10 cups a day is fine. Smith said drinking excessive amounts of water can "overload your system" if you're not eliminating it properly or cause serious problems by diluting electrolytes, sodium and potassium.

Watch Dr. Smith's suggestions in the clip above.

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