There’s an inspiring sight to see on the roads and highways of America. One man is driving his antique tractor from coast-to-coast to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project.

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Ivan Stoltzfus took a break from his mission to speak to Jenna Lee on the phone from Ohio.

Stoltzfus, a retired farmer, was inspired by his father, who once said to him, “If you have a dream, don’t wait ‘til you’re too old … just do it.”

That’s when he decided to live out his dream of riding an old John Deere tractor cross country.

“But I wanted to do it for a cause,” he said, explaining that helping America’s wounded veterans integrate back into society is a cause near to his heart.

Stoltzfus started out on the East Coast driving about 14 miles an hour. He’s making pit stops at VA hospitals and doing benefit auctions.

So far, he’s raised about $47,000 of his $1 million dollar goal.

Visit to learn about how you can help!

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