Was divine intervention at play here? We'll let you decide.

On Fox and Friends this morning, we heard from a Massachusetts pastor whose church was nearly crushed by a huge boulder. The Grace Ministries Church was right in the path of a 20-ton boulder that started rolling downhill after a blast at a nearby construction site.

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The blasting company was working behind the church, widening a driveway for additional parking.

The whole thing was captured on video and it has been viewed on YouTube more than 70,000 times in the last few days. Pastor Rick LeClair said this morning he's not a believer in luck and coincidences.

He explained that if the boulder had gone just a few more feet it would have slammed through the church's food pantry that is used to feed thousands of needy folks each month.

"The invisible world is a world that exists to me. As a Christian, we see the invisible by faith. To me, it was an angel, if you would, [who] just kind of put his hand on that stone and said 'that's far enough,'" said LeClair.

Someone at the scene speculated that a metal railing was actually what stopped the boulder. LeClair said the "railing was like a toothpick compared to the size of this boulder," arguing there's no way the railing could have stopped the rock's momentum by itself.

"Sometimes we ask for miracles and then sometimes we don't, but God does them anyway," he said.

Watch the unbelievable video and interview above.

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