Judge Jeanine Pirro discussed Benghazi and Hillary Clinton in this week's opening statement. Read the transcript below.

They have to be afraid of something for Democrats to even consider not participating in the select hearings on Benghazi, something that Dems could say happened two years ago on the other side of the globe that affected four people, a hearing that would overshadow the ongoing ObamaCare debacle, that affects the health and pocketbook of literally millions of Americans, tells me the Democrats have something to hide.

The Democrats could - if there were indeed nothing to Benghazi - trumpet "We told you there's nothing there!"

Hearings would obscure Democrats' biggest vulnerability in 2014 - ObamaCare - the issue that has brought Obama his lowest approval ratings.  

So if Dems can muddy up the waters of the ObamaCare disaster with something they say is a non-issue, why would they object? What do they have to lose?  It's a win-win for them.

And for any of you out there thinking - like Nancy Pelosi - we've done this over and over, why? Maybe to get some straight answers instead of cameos of politicians pontificating from their perches, allowing the witness to filibuster.

Why? To continue to ask questions until they get a damn answer.

Trey Gowdy is a seasoned prosecutor who will get answers, will get facts, and will get justice for those families.  

What I want to know: Did the president give the cross border authority order to send re-enforcements to save Americans under attack - not just four who lost their lives - but the countless more on the ground in Benghazi for more than eight hours? Did the president even go into the situation room?  

It was just eight weeks before a tight election - were the president's political operatives Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod in the situation room?

We know Greg Hicks, the highest ranking person on the ground in Libya after the ambassador, spoke to Hillary and said he had gotten word Chris Stevens was in an Ansar al-Sharia hospital, possibly as a hostage.

So why were the emergency forces we know were mobilized not sent? Who gave the stand down order?

Libya was a U.S.-backed government since the ouster of Gaddafi. Why couldn't F-16s do a fly-over to disperse the crowd?

No FBI for three weeks because it wasn't safe? Really?

And to Hillary: You're the telephone champion, so why were you on the phone with the president of Tunisia that night?  No Americans were dying in Tunisia!

And even before that, why did you continue to downgrade the security for our ambassador while he and his staff were asking you for more?  All the while the CIA telling you al Qaeda affiliated training camps - at least 10 of them - surrounded Benghazi.

And Hillary, why didn't you go on those Sunday talk shows?  Too busy racking up those frequent flyer miles?

And why tell the dead men's parents that you'd get the guy who did the video you were so quick to blame?

And even more revealing, 36 hours before Ben Rhodes' email linking the White House to the fake video narrative and directing that Obama's policy not be blamed, you, Hillary said almost the exact same thing!  

And will someone please tell me, why was the CIA even in Benghazi? Were they there to facilitate the flow of our leftover weapons through Turkey to the al Qaeda affiliated Syrian rebels?

Why did everyone lie?

Jay Carney.

Mike Morell.

Susan Rice.



And by the way, Jay Carney, has the guy ever not told a lie at a press conference?

This man should be indicted just for showing up because you know his intent is to lie.

Why was everyone promoted who participated in the conspiracy?

And no one fired or even demoted, other than Greg Hicks, the one eyewitness on the ground begging for help.

Hillary: Might you be the one who made up the video narrative? After all, Ben Rhodes in his email parroted exactly what you said 36 hours earlier! But why do that? Because you had to come up with a story.

It was under your watch that minimum safety standards weren't met, that security was downgraded, that no help was sent, that the lie was fabricated, and that the morale of our military was decimated, and our respect on the world stage was demolished.

I don't know the answers to any of those questions, and Hillary, it may not make a difference to you, but it does to the rest of us.

All Americans need the answers, not just Republicans, not just Democrats, the four Americans who lost their lives deserve nothing less.

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