Below is the transcript from Judge Jeanine Pirro's "Fast Justice" segment.

She was 14. He was 18.  He raped her at her own high school while she repeatedly said "no" and pleaded for him to stop.

He was convicted. The sentence? 45 days.  

Now, there's a reason 50 percent of rape victims don't report the crime, fear that they won't be believed, fear that they'll be re-victimized by an insensitive criminal justice system, and fear that their rapist will be acquitted - assuming he's even charged in the first place - free to prey on her again.

Now the judge, Judge Jeanine Howard, trashed the 14-year-old as a promiscuous young girl who already had a child and essentially deserved it.

The truth: the young girl never had a child.

Judge Howard, a little primer here: Your job as a sentencing judge in a rape case, one of the most heinous crimes in our so-called civilized society, is to sentence the convicted rapist.  You do not trash the victim! You do not veer from objective sentencing by saying the convicted criminal is not your typical sex offender. How would you describe a  "typical sex offender" so we can all make sure we stay away from them?

And Judge Jeanine: You didn't just re-victimize this 14-year-old girl, you single handedly traumatized every rape victim who was hesitant to come forward because of people like you, and those who unfortunately will be future rape victims.

I hate that we both have the same name. Change yours because I'm not changing mine!

TX Judge: Teen Who Was Raped ‘Wasn’t the Victim She Claimed to Be’

And the second "Fast Justice case," widow Eileen Battisti, of Pennsylvania, owned and lived in a house worth almost $300,000. The IRS got a court order for the sale of her home, and it was auctioned off for half of its value.

A judge ruled that all was legal and that the tax bureau complied with notification requirements.  

So, how much money did Eileen owe the IRS? Six dollars and thirty cents.  


She lost over $100,000 because she owed $6?

The IRS needs to worry more about their own people not paying their taxes than a widow who owes them $6.

But then again, we have a double standard in this country.  When IRS employees don't pay their own taxes, they get bonuses!

That's not what I call equal justice.

'Who Put This System in Place?' Judge Jeanine Takes on IRS Over Bonuses