A true American hero joined “Fox and Friends” this weekend ahead of his Medal of Honor ceremony.

Army Sgt. Kyle White will receive the Medal of Honor on May 13 for his heroic actions during a fatal ambush in Afghanistan back in 2007.

White said it all started with a single shot, then two and then the entire valley erupted.

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“And you know, over the next few hours those events would change my life forever,” he said. “And you know, during that time in the ambush we would lose six American heroes.”

As gunfire erupted, White ran out to help a badly wounded comrade, Marine Sgt. Phillip Bocks. He said that during that time, he wasn’t thinking about what he was doing.

“Your adrenaline is pumping,” he said. “All you know is you have a fallen comrade out there who needs your help, and in that situation, you fall back on your training, you know. And I knew at that moment that if the roles were reversed and I was out there, that Sgt. Bocks would have come out and helped me as well. So really, there was no decision, it’s what I had to do.”

Watch the full interview above.

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