The Second Amendment guarantees the right to have a firearm. But does it guarantee the right to purchase that gun using taxpayer dollars?

A New Hampshire lawmaker raised some eyebrows this week when he argued to his fellow lawmakers that recipients of food stamps should be allowed to use that money to buy a gun.

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"The firearms ban is a blatant violation of the Second Amendment. Cash benefit recipients presumably have the same rights as the rest of us to purchase guns for hunting, sports shooting, or even self-defense. Obviously they don't have much money to spend on that, but they do have the right under the Second Amendment to do so," said State Rep. Timothy Horrigan (D).

He added that the ban seemed "ironic" to him because many of its supporters are pro-Second Amendment, reported.

The proposed legislation reads:

"Any person who receives public assistance is prohibited from using an EBT card or cash obtained with an EBT card to gamble or to purchase tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, lottery tickets, firearms, or adult entertainment."

The Fox and Friends hosts sounded off on Horrigan's argument in the clip above

"Food stamps are for food," said Steve Doocy, while Brian joked, "I'll either get a Bazooka gum or an actual bazooka. You make the call, honey."

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